PREPARATION - Radical Readiness

You can always hope and pray that God will take you out of this world before anything bad ever happens.
Fact is, that is highly unlikely -  So ... BE A HERO - Be Prepared.

Radical Readiness is not Survivalism - it is a Lifestyle.
A Lifstyle of Risk Mitigation. 

Preparedness is a lifestyle not dissimilar from that of our great grandfathers.
They had to mitigate risks of crop, climate and cash failures with limited resources
       -  and no public safety net
Several important actions that significantly mitigate risk:
1) Get Out Of Debt
2) Pay off and maintain at least one vehicle with no debt
3) Save 3 to 6 months of salary
4) Maintain a Food Pantry with a stock rotated regularly
       - stock food you will routinely eat
       - this is also a ready resource to help others in need
5) Set Up a conservatory or green house.
       - Store seeds
       - With unstable climate conditions, exposed growing is high risk
       - Hydroponics for low-cost, low water useage protected growing
6) Plan for raising small animals or fowl for eggs
       - they are a low cost, low maintenance protein source
7) Explore opportunities for supplemental or renewable energy. 
       - Renewable energy gives benefit today offsetting utility bills and inflation effects
       - Renewable energy is irreplaceable in the event of an outage or emergency or layoff
The Prepared Lifestyle resources:
Even your government leaders attempt to help you prepare:
When disaster stikes, government is wrongly blamed for lack of response.  Help your leaders, live a prepared life.