To INFINITY and ... well ... way beyond!

TWO important FACTS
1) Everyone   Lives   Forever
2) Everyone Goes to Heaven

1) Everyone Lives Forever ... EVERYONE!
  • God created man as a living soul (Gen 2:7).  In short, an eternal being
  • God created man in His "image" (Gen 1:26).  As such eternal from the point of origin (birth) and beyond.
  • Other than the omnipotent power thing and being born "human", we are "like" God with a persistent life.
    •  You are living forever right now.  You just will not continue in that body
    • ... our bodies began to die the minute we cut ourselves off from God.
  • You shall surely not die (Gen 3:4).  Satan explained to Eve.
    • Technically correct, but not taking into account the fact that we are:
      • both Body and Soul
      • one fragile one persistent.

2) Everyone Goes to Heaven
     ... BUT not everyone gets to stay there!
  • This explains why people from all walks of life having near death experiences all have similar accounts
  • The soul returns to God who gave it . that would be in Heaven, God's home.  (Ecc 12:7)
  • We are all going to die and after that stand before God (Heb 9:27)  That would be Heaven as well.
  • If you do not desire to be "with" God today, He will not force you to be "with" Him for all eternity.
    • God will not force or coerce you to choose for Him.  Your ultimate eternal venue is your choice.
    • A choice to be with God now guarantees a place with Him forever
    • A choice to be apart from God now guarantees a place away from Him forever.

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