Milestones For Change

7 Key Reference Points - There are others, but these events are key.
1) The 1st Seal of the Scroll of Seven Seals is broken
     - commencing the official “Last Days”
     - Begins the 7 years of Purification of the Earth in preparation for Messiah
 2) The Confirmation of the Covenant

     - A peace treaty if confirmed by an emerging world leader

     - Promising 7 years of substantive support in the Middle East

     - Allows the Jerusalem Temple to be rebuilt

3) The First Brick

     - Inauguration of the eternal Kingdom
     - The "sign" of the Messiah
     - Confidently confirms the 7 year countdown
4) Building of the Temple
    - There is room on the temple mount for two
      - Under the "new" peace treaty, Israel will build a temple even if it is next to the Moslem one

5) The Dedication and Desecration

     - 3 ½ years into the Purification, the Temple is completed and is dedicated

     - A Man steps into the inner sanctum of the Temple, during the dedication, and announces himself as Messiah

     - The Mark of the Beast is instituted (any “mark” or identification before this time is not significant)

6) Messiah Comes

     - Descends from the literal clouds in the sight of the armies amassed north of Jerusalem
     - Lands on the Mount of Olives and the Mount splits in two
     - Marches into Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate

7) EARTH 3.0 - The 1000 Year Kingdom

     - Satan and Demons are locked away in the “Bottomless Pit”

     - People continue to disobey the new "world leader" and create false religions

     - Demonstrates that wickedness is in the heart of man not in temptation or outside forces
8) New Heavens and New Earth
     - This Earth and Universe will be put away and a new one will take its place
     - The new Earth will be so big that a city 1500 miles square and high will be build and not affect its stability