The Final Rinse and Spin

Cleansing the earth .... 

Judgment, Terror, Tribulation ...
   ... all great "shock-and-awe" ... fear invoking words.
However, the "fears" are intended to capture the busy mind's attention
1) a warning to stop before it is too late
2) "judgments" are not the ultimate purpose of the events: purification and cleansing are
Keep in mind when interpreting prophecy:
... the heart of the matter is always the end result
... always ask,  "What is God trying to accomplish?"

Simply put, regarding the purifications or judgements

He is bringing in the eternal kingdom.

Frankly, the earth has been hugely abused by mankind.  As warned by early sages:

"If you abuse the earth, it will spew (puke) you out: (Lev 18:28)

The "judgements" of the "Tribulation" are tailored to stop the advance of pollution and environmental abuse and effect a significant healing.
The Earth's final "Rinse and Spin Cycle.  This is NOT a return to Eden or anything like it.
It is simply getting the earth, and nature, back into a productive balance.
This Earth will continue to display the scars of human abuse until it is replaced with the New Earth (2Pet 3:13; Rev 21.1ff)

The Purification is in preparation of the coming Messiah and His 1000 year kingdom.  During this 1000 years, the environment will be re-balanced and nature more productive. (Amo 9:13)

Unfortunately, this "RINSE AND SPIN" cycle will be a little rough on humans and other life forms.  Nearly 1/3 of humanity will perish.

Less than two chapters of the Book of Daniel spans most of the Revelation

THE FOUR SEVENS of he Purification:

The active agents fo the Purification are described as 4 WAVES of 7 ACTIONS
 - the Tribulation Judgments.
  1. Seven Seals of the Scroll
  2. Seven Trumpets of the Angels
  3. Seven Thunders
  4. Seven Golden Vials (or Bowls)
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Environmental abuse and pollution has resulted in the extinction of an estimated 90% of plant and animal life.

- Good for Earth
- Bad for Humans

The earth will be purified and the devasting effects of pollution abated.

This will not usher in the New Earth, however Earth will receive
a "significant healing"