1st Brick - Only The Beginning

The FIRST BRICK is the laying of the foundation of the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.


The First Brick heralds the inauguration of the eternal kingdom.




...be not troubled ... the end is not yet.



News.  News.  And more news.  Events piling up everywhere in dizzying frequency.  They are diversionary:


1) They keep us from focusing on life priorities

2) They rob us of the joy of living

3) You were created for a PURPOSE - FULFILL IT!


We are discouraged from entertaining "false starts" to the end times (Mat 24:5-6).  After reciting a list of repeating calamities, Jesus emphasised that these are not the sign of the end times - simply events common to the end times - "...the end is not yet". 


Jesus clearly stated these were not the sign of the end.  Unfortunately, from then to now, people continue to hang on every current event - forgetting that admonishment and pre-occupying their time with activities and fears centered around the possible end of the world as we know it.  Therefore they miss today's opportunity to live, love and laugh.


Following a brief description of world conditions during the 7 years of the purification (or Tribulation), the next admonition is when you "see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place" (Matt 24.15) leave town immediatly (Matt 24.16).  Since this event occurs in the middle of "the seven", simply count backwards knowing that the Temple is being built for approximately 3.5 years before the "abomination" is revealed.  That puts the start of the building of the temple right at the beginning of the 7 years (tribulation).


Therefore, the first sign is the rebuilding of the temple (The First Brick) - not Messiah's (Jesus') return.  Jesus continued admonishing His followers not to look for Him (Mat 24:5), "here is Christ", not to be disturbed by global events but to watch for the armies gathering around Jerusalem (Rev 11.2).  Verification of this event comes when you see Jerusalem occupied by "peace-keepers" to facilitate enforcing the "covenant" (or treaty), which allows Israel to build the temple.


Just prior to discussing global disasters and wars, Jesus focuses on the temple.  Just afterward He reminds them that the temple is most important.  The focus is on the temple because the purpose of the end time events is to:


1) inaugurate the eternal kingdom

2) purify the world in advance of Messiah's coming




So why all this prophecy?  Why be interested at all?  The Purpose of Prophecy is Radical Readiness ©

- living like you are already in God's presence today

- being prepared for any turn of circumstances

- living life to it's fullest today


Though encouraged not to live in a perpetual state of panic we are, however, encouraged to have an exit strategy and action plan.



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