Milestones For Change

7 Key Reference Points - There are others, but these events are key.


1) The 1st Seal of the Scroll of Seven Seals is broken

     - commencing the official “Last Days”

     - Begins the 7 years of Purification of the Earth in preparation for Messiah


 2) The Confirmation of the Covenant

     - A peace treaty if confirmed by an emerging world leader

     - Promising 7 years of substantive support in the Middle East

     - Allows the Jerusalem Temple to be rebuilt



3) The First Brick

     - Inauguration of the eternal Kingdom

     - The "sign" of the Messiah

     - Confidently confirms the 7 year countdown



4) Building of the Temple

- There is room on the temple mount for two

      - Under the "new" peace treaty, Israel will build a temple even if it is next to the Moslem one

    - The City of David: recent excavations uncovered archeological remains that indicate that the

        old city of David may be the site of the second Temple and thus the site of the Third Temple.

        The current “temple mount” may actually be the Roman fort of Antonia and not the temple mount.  This opens new                     possibilities for the rebuilding of the temple literally any time without conflict over the “Dome of the Rock”  


5) The Dedication and Desecration

     - 3 ½ years into the Purification, the Temple is completed and is dedicated

     - A Man steps into the inner sanctum of the Temple, during the dedication, and announces himself as Messiah

     - The Mark of the Beast is instituted (any “mark” or identification before this time is not significant)



6) Messiah Comes

     - Descends from the literal clouds in the sight of the armies amassed north of Jerusalem

     - Lands on the Mount of Olives and the Mount splits in two

     - Marches into Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate




7) EARTH 3.0 - The 1000 Year Kingdom

     - Satan and Demons are locked away in the “Bottomless Pit”

     - People continue to disobey the new "world leader" and create false religions

     - Demonstrates that wickedness is in the heart of man not in temptation or outside forces



8) New Heavens and New Earth

     - This Earth and Universe will be put away and a new one will take its place

     - The new Earth will be so big that a city 1500 miles square and high will be build and not affect its stability









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