Room On The Mount


1) The "normally regarded mount" where the Dome of the Rock now stands

2) The Old city of David - where Josephus indicates the temple stood

Regardless of the Dome of the Rock, there is still room for another temple.  It will only take a deft negotiator and the right timing to release the building of the 3rd Jerusalem Temple

Evidences for the commonly recognized site of Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock:


===> ALTERNATIVELY: The City of David could be the "real" temple mount site, as Josephus commented that the Roman fortress was located at the mount where the Dome of the Rock now stands

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This aerial view of the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem Israel, is edited with an inset of the 2nd Jerusalem Temple illustrating that there is room on the mount for two.

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City of David?

May not be where Muslim Temple is!

"Temple Mount" as assumed today, 

where the Muslim Shrine is, 

may actually be 

the Roman Fortress (Fort Antonio) site 

and NOT where the Temple was.

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