4] Golden Vials - Bowls

BOWLSThe 1st Golden Bowl

- Grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast (Rev 16.2)

The 2nd Golden Bowl

- Sea becomes as the blood of a dead man.  All sea life perishes (Rev 16.3)

The 3rd Golden Bowl

- Rivers become as the blood of a dead man: river and land life afflicted (Rev 16.4-7)

The 4th Golden Bowl

- Sun intensifies and scorches the earth and men with fire (Rev 16.8-9)

The 5th Golden Bowl

- "Darkness" over the whole Global Government (Rev 16.10-11)

The 6th Golden Bowl

- River Euphrates dries up and opens a strategic highway for Far East armies to invade the Middle East (Rev 16.12-16)

The 7th Golden Bowl

- The Final Cleansing

- Bowl is poured out in the air - purification of the atmosphere. (Rev 16.17-21)

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