The Path to the New Era is certain.  News is only information, not always prophetic milestones.


FIRST - The Confirmation of the Covenant (Peace Treaty)

SECOND: Building of the Temple Commences (Rev 11.2)

THIRD: Two "Witnesses" Arrive In Public View (Rev 11.3)



FOURTH: World Leader Announces His Reign At The Temple Dedication

From The Holy Place Of The Temple (Dan 11.31; Matt 24.15)



Arrival of Messiah


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump and his peace team say they are prepared to apply pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in their effort to jump-start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.


makes today's events seem small

Jerusalem Embassy - Trumps US Move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Historic - starts Monday 14-May - Jerusalem Day

14 May 2018 is 51 Years Jerusalem Day

Police boot Jews from Temple Mount for raising Israel flag on volatile day

December 6th, 2017

Jerusalem Capital of Israel

But does it matter and is it accepted?



USA Today

Is Jerusalem capital announcement simply another Trilateral Commission Global Governance Business Deal?

Exciting as this announcement may seem, remember:

"Until the First Brick, everything else is just news!"

Security forces on high alert ahead of possible Jerusalem declaration

Jerusalem Always Capital of Israel Throughout History

Administration is expected to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital next week

Baghdad says it won’t tolerate ‘2nd Israel’ as 1,000s of Iraqi Kurds hold independence rally

Return to Temple Mount: Stones, bottles and stun grenades, as worshippers warn 'This is war'

Israel agrees to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount after wave of violent protests

Jerusalem "Divide" Halted by Netanyahu - Temporarily

Prayer Access by Jews to the Western Wall Threatened After Decades

A better solution for Jerusalem

US Embassy Move

Western Wall is Part of Israel - US Envoy Declares

Jordan and Egypt declare east Jerusalem 'capital of Palestine'


Russia will recognize W Jerusalem as Israel’s capital only if E Jerusalem becomes Palestine’s – FM

New US president sent out a clear message: If you really are committed to peace, stop running around international institutions, do your part, and I'll handle Netanyahu.

Dome of the Rock Deliberately Placed Over Ancient Temple Site to Enforce Islamic ‘Replacement Theology’


White House official tells ‘Post’ all parties should cease ‘unilateral actions,’ affirms two-state solution.

Senators Cruz & Graham Introduce Legislation to Defund United Nations


Trump lowers expectations for quick embassy move in Israel

Why moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial

Palestinians may reverse recognition of Israel if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem – Abbas

Abbas: PA may rescind recognition of Israel

Temple Mount Synagogue

Hoped First Step to Third Temple

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem “Very Big Priority” for Trump

will NEW State replace TWO State Israel-Palestinian Peace Solution?

Trump to Make Peace Between Israel and Palestine in ‘Ultimate Deal’

Trump: Israeli-Palestinian peace would be 'ultimate deal'

Trump wants an ‘ultimate’ solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Trump adviser: He doesn’t see settlements as peace obstacle says president-elect won’t force Israel, Palestinians to negotiate; will move US embassy to Jerusalem

Israeli Right hails Trump: 'The era of a Palestinian state is over'


Will Israel Regain Access to the Temple Mount?

In ‘historic’ first, women pray with Torah scrolls at Western Wall


Netanyahu mocks UNESCO motion on Temple Mount: Like denying bond between Batman and Robin

U.N. body votes Temple Mount no longer Jewish

UNESCO Backs Motion Nullifying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

Sanhedrin Revives 2,000-Year-Old Blessing for Counting of Jubilee Year

The Nascent Sanhedrin Blasts (UNESCO) for giving Muslims complete sovereignty of the Temple Mount - Israel Cannot Provide Sufficient Proof of Domain.

'Never before, since 1948, has the world been so open to Israel'

UN Revisionists Demand to Eradicate Jewish History of Temple Mount - Mount for Muslims Only

Muslims Riot, So Jews Are Barred From Temple Mount

Settlers, Palestinians come together to seek EU-model end to conflict

The Temple Mount - Radical Islam’s twisted trump card in their holy war against Israel


Tensions on Temple Mount as Jews visit for Passover

Verbal clashes erupt after Muslim worshipers shout insults at Jewish visitors, while 9 Jews removed from the holy site on suspicion they prayed.

Clinton in NY: Palestinians could’ve had state 15 years ago

Palestinian leaders warn Temple Mount ‘provocations’ could stoke violence

Jews visiting Jerusalem’s flashpoint holy site during Passover will inflame tensions, must be stopped, mufti says


Temple Institute claims it held secret Jewish wedding on Temple Mount

Palestinians threaten to smash Temple Mount security cameras



Sharing the Holiest

Is the Temple Next?

Chief rabbis to draw up alternative deal for pluralistic prayer area at Western Wall

Race for 3rd Temple Resumes

Yehuda Glick invades Al-Aqsa after court ban lifted, Tuesday morning

EU: Israeli demolitions shatter hope for two-state solution

Disclosure: the settlers’ (Jewish) plan to create a messianic kingdom

Jordan: continuous Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque is a clear violation of the peace agreement

ISRAEL: "All we want to do is Pray!"

Without the two state solution, Israel could become “a fortress for terrorists”


Netanyahu slams Kerry: Israel will not be a bi-national state

We won't give up Temple Mount, Israeli rabbis tell Obama

"Extremist group" offers Jews $500 to pray on Temple Mount

‘Returning to the Mount,’ which advocates 

construction of a third temple, 

encourages visitors to flout ban on prayer at site

Obama and Netanyahu don’t trust each other unique relationship is doomed to succeed

Netanyahu: “Muslims pray on the Temple Mount, non-Muslims visit”


Israeli's Still Cannot Pray on the Temple Mount - But Muslims Can

Shrine Sharing Not In Plan - 3rd Temple Solution Needed

Israel Agrees to 24/7 Surveillance on Temple Mount to Prove Israel is Not Instigating Violence

Netanyahu pledges to prevent Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

BUT - demands end to conflict without resolution

Jordan king warns Israel over Temple Mount status quo

After meeting with UN’s Ban, Abdullah II calls for an end to the violence, 

new efforts to achieve a two-state solution

after the Old City was captured in the 1967 war, Jews are allowed to visit but not to pray on the Temple Mount.

Temple Mount Observers plan proposed by French

Netanyahu scrambles to extend Temple Mount ban to all MKs

Diplomacy absent as Jerusalem tensions rise Over Temple Mount

Clashes break out on Temple Mount on eve of Rosh Hashanah

Palestinians barricade themselves in the Al Aqsa Mosque, throw stones and firecrackers at police forces; Several pipe bombs were confiscated Saturday night in an East Jerusalem apartment.

Security forces say they thwarted plan to attack Jewish visitors; minister: Israel will ‘reconsider the arrangements’ at the site

2-State Solution Resolved?

Palestinian flag to fly at UN HQ after 119 nations vote


IOF impose restrictions on Palestinian entry to Al-Aqsa mosque, settlers invade it


Well.....maybe in 2 years

Turkey condemns Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa mosque

Vatican signs historic accord with Palestine

Recognizes Palestine as Sovereign State

Calls for 2 State Solution NOW.

Israel losing credibility because world doesn’t think it’s serious about peace

A military solution will not fix' the Iranian nuclear crisis

.pssssst.....build the temple

Israel Celebrates 48 Years Since 6-Day War As Palestinians Opines Israeli "Occupation of Jerusalem"

Pope Calls Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas "ANGEL OF PEACE" During Visit

Raids at Al Aqsa Mosque Resume

Israeli man arrested for threatening to set blaze on Temple Mount


to Temple Mount

Temple Mount activist Glick allowed onto Jerusalem site

2 State Negotiations Renew this time from "Down Under" - New Zealand Chiime In at UN

Obama rejects linking Israel recognition to nuclear deal

2 State Peace Solution Stalled with Iranian Nukes


China - Russia - Australia - Netherlands - So Korea

Change of Tone? White House Says 50 Years of Israeli Occupation Must End

Netanyahu 'still committed' to Palestinian statehood

If new Israeli gov't won't recognize 2-state solution, no chance for peace process - Bibi Elected

35 Settlers Break Into Al-Aqsa Mosque Under the Israeli Police Tight Protection

Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Better With A World Government

Bill Gates_ _The daily death we do not perceive_calls for One World Government - Süddeutsche

"Israel is your home. We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe,"

Netanyahu calls for 'massive immigration' of European Jews to Israel

(+ Newsweek - 2014)

Abbas may halt security cooperation with Israel unless Palestine is created

Palestinians to become ICC member from April 1, UN confirms

2014: Year of Israeli Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian News Service

2014 Record Year for Jewish Immigration to Israel

Fate of Future Palestine and 3rd Temple Returns to Debate

Video Production: It is Time to Recognize Palestine

Will Two (2) States Bring TWO TEMPLES?

It's official: Israel's Knesset votes to disband

Temple Mount prayers end without incident

Police again allow free access to al-Aqsa mosque; concrete barriers at entrance to Arab Jerusalem neighborhood removed

No age restrictions for Temple Mount Friday prayers as Jerusalem police remain on high alert

Netanyahu announces support for 'Jewish state bill'

‘Netanyahu to meet Jordan king again for Temple Mount talks’

in the eye of the storm

deceptively serene Temple Mount

'Temple Mount violence endangers the lives of Jews everywhere'

The Battle For Jerusalem

far-right MKs stampeding up to the Temple Mount, and the Muslim world certain Israel is trying to change the status quo there

PLO Seek to Ban Media Use of term "TEMPLE MOUNT"

Will ignoring the obvious change the future?

Haniyeh warns of Al-Aqsa mosque demolition

To make way for 3rd Temple?

Ismail Haniyyeh, Deputy Head of the Political Office of Palestinian faction Hama on Sunday warned against Israeli plans to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and liquidate the Palestinian cause.

50 Year Israel Experiment - Failure or New Beginning

50/50 Israeli/Muslim

Closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque a ‘declaration of war’ - Abbas

Times of Israel - Special Report - Al Aqsa Closure a "declaration of war"

Israel closes Temple Mount to Arabs, Jews following Jerusalem shooting


... and for how long?

20 Years of a Peace Treaty Without Peace

Marking 20 years since historic signing, Walid Obeidat says West Bank expansion and attempts to change status quo on Temple Mount could risk peace


Jordan warned Israel on Sunday their peace treaty would be threatened by continued Jewish settlement building on disputed land sought by the Palestinians and any change to the religious status of a key Muslim shrine in Jerusalem.

"Students for the Temple" break into Al-Aqsa mosque, again

Abbas suggest banning Jews from holy site

UK MPs’ ‘Yes’ to Palestine – no earthquake, but certainly a tremor

Jewish MK Calls for Israeli Sovereignty of Temple Mount

Palestinians Claim "Foul Play"

Temple Mount Melee

Eve of Sukkot

Riots break out on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah eve

Want world peace? ‘Build 3rd Temple’

Crowdfunding Starts for 3rd Temple


Muslims Fear Splitting Mosque

Many of these groups support the creation of a Jewish Temple

in the area that would divide the mosque into two,

 part of it for Muslims and part of it for Jews, 

as it happened with the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron.

Israeli Special Forces storm the Al- Aqsa Mosque compound

Emirates Proclaim New Caliphate

ISIS Declares New Caliphate

Jordan rejects Australian gov't decision

not to recognize east Jerusalem as 'occupied' 

EU Commits €200 million

new support for the Palestinian people

Jewish Immigrant Demands Loan

To Build Third Temple

Quest for Peace to Take Summer Off?!

More Violence More Police Occupation

on Temple Mount

Occupation of Temple Mount

Obama 'Threatens' Israel to Accept Peace Terms

Jerusalem rabbis petition Knesset

to increase Jewish sovereignty over Temple Mount

Peace Held Hostage to Pride!

PLO official: Palestinians could recognize Israel as 'Jewish state'

... as long as it does not embarrass Abbas


to Guarantee Israel-Palestine Settlement


Peace Plan with:

Concrete Timeline - Will it be 7 years?

1967 Borders.


Israeli 1967 Borders Now Recognized by Palestinians

Palestinian Biggest Concession towards peace

Conflict Grows Over Temple Mount

as more Jews Assemble There to Pray

Imperative to build temple grows.

State funds groups that advocate building Third Temple

ISRAEL requests Third World Temple

Israel must agree on borders of Palestinian state

Activists Launch Initiative 

Calling for The One Democratic State in Palestine

Poll 62% of Israelis 53% of Palestinians Support Two-State Solution

Hebron Muslims Fear Israel Plan Temple Rebuild

Will "Right To Return" Stall 2 State Solution?

Temple Discussions?

Kerry Abbas Netanyahu Restart Peace Talks

Is New Temple in Negotiation?

Syrian Conflict could Engulf the entire Region

UN Demands Israel Stop Settlements

Palestine Wins U.N. Statehood Recognition and U.N. Observer Status

Palestine Statehood Hopes Live

Palestinian Authority rejects calls

to postpone statehood bid

 Clinton Warns Netanyahu On

UN Recognition of Palestinian Statehood

Not to Take "Strict" Procedures Against PA Statehood at UN

Two State Imperative Held Up By 2 "Star-Crossed" Leaders

USA DNC Cite Jerusalem As

Capital of Israel Despite Protests

Khamenei: The Zionist regime

Iran Says ZION Must Disappear

Jews May Be Allowed Regular Prayers

At The Temple Mount

Palestinian Statehood Revived in UN Talks

Caliphate Capital - It Shall Be Jerusalem 

War To Preserve Temple Mount History

Prayer Returns to the Temple Mount



20th Sept 2011 UN Vote Pending



Palestinian State? 


OBAMA Calls to Restore 1967 Israeli Borders


Muslims Desecrate ancient Jewish cemetery attack morners 22mar2011


?? Judgement Day on 21Mar2011??

Not Until after the First Brick!

Read Here


Will the UN Bring Peace?


 7 Year IRAQ Conflict Ends

FOCUS ISRAEL - 7 Year IRAQ Conflict Ends




Ground Zero Mosque for Jerusalem Temple?



Peace of Israel remains key to mideast resolution.


Israeli PM rejects Obama demand for total east Jerusalem construction halt.


"We will have homes for our families ..."







Peace Eludes Jerusalem



 Old Temple Wall

 "It's the most significant construction we have from First Temple days in Israel,"  jpost.com




Stop guessing when the world will end


start living the abundant life now!