He's coming to answer the cry, "God, please do something about those who are doing wrong to me!"

They called Him the "Man Upstairs", and now He is coming to Earth... to inaugurate the Kingdom of God forever.

In answer to your cry, "Why doesn't God do something about ...?"

He is coming down to earth to establish the perfect government "for the people" - THE MILLENIUM.

And establish righteous and immediate judgment which means:


... "evil doers" will get their do "on the spot".

The catch - you do not want to be an evil doer!

Even though Messiah will finally be both present and visible (during The Millenium), many will ignore him (Zec 14:17).


Even though Messiah will establish real and lasting peace, when given the opportunity, they will call Him the "Tyrant of Jerusalem" and plan the ultimate war against Him  (Rev 20:9).

The challenging part of this period is that there will be two contenders for the reign over humanity and the earth.  Two Messiah's arrive in sequence:

People's Choice

- When given the choice, we will choose the one who offers us our own way.

- This perpetuates human suffering and pollution.

- Ultimate self gratification has historically resulted in humanity suffering under a dictator.

- This final man, will be a world leader who will abuse his power to dominate many (Dan 11:38)

- Fortunately, he is never able to control the whole world.  Several nations will resist him at arms (Dan 11:44)


- Answering the Call of "Who will go?":(Rev 5.2-5)

- The Big Question:  who would deny himself or die on our behalf. (John 15.13)

- Who will go?  When the question was asked, only one answered - the Son of the Father, Jesus the Messiah.

Dying to meet you.  Really!

- The call will go out in heaven for one who is worthy to release the Seals of the Scrolls (Rev 5.2)

- The one who did die in your place of judgement will come to receive you


When God finally answers the cry of the oppressed ...



... you do not want to be one of the Oppressors!




The Conquering King is Coming.

Frankly, a lot of people do not want a leader.  They want someone who will give them what they want. 

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