The FOUR SEVENS - Tribulation Judgements


The Purification comprises 4 WAVES of 7 ACTIONS.

This era is the "Purification" because it is intended to prepare the "World" for the 1000 year Kingdom.

Events of this era are God's final roadblocks to man's hurried path to ultimate self-destruction.

The 4 WAVES are:

4 Sets of 7 Judgments

Comprising the Purification:

The most important thing to remember in reviewing the judgments, is: 

"...they are not intended to be interpreted or predicted


- SO DON'T!"

This is plainly clear with the 7 Thunders, where the writer is directly ordered not to write or reveal what they and their effects are.  This is not unprecedented.  Daniel is told to "seal up" his entire prophecy until the time when Israel would be restored (Dan 12:4)

Note that there are 4 and not 3 WAVES, or sets, of Judgments.  Strangely, expositors rarely reference or discuss the 7 Thunders.


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